Captive... a worldwide success

The story of Asher and Ella by 'theblurredgirl' who has already won over 7 million readers on Wattpad !

Within the criminal networks, where power, murder and power reign, they were there. Captives. Dangerous, malignant, and deadly, they are the shadows of the greatest networks, the representatives of their leaders, also called possessors.

Since she was a teenager, Ella has been a captive against her will. John, her owner, prefers to use her body rather than her talents, plunging her life into a waking nightmare. Until the day he tells her she’s going to work for someone else...

If Ella thought there could be no worse than John, she realizes very quickly that her new owner plays in a completely different category. This certain «Ash», charismatic leader of the Scott network, refuses the presence of a captive by his side. For some reason, he has a visceral hatred for these women. A dangerous game then settles between them, because Asher intends to make Ella pay, but she does not intend to give in...

“Don’t play with the devil, my angel, don’t venture into what you regret.”

By Océ

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