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Gala des terminales 2020

You were waiting for them, they are finally here: the sublime photos of the terminal 2020 gala. A party organized by the MDL at Perchoir, a great place decorated on a festive and summer theme: Beach Vibes. A huge congratulation to the MDL who was able to organize this party in a very short time cause’ of the Covid-19, so thank you very much to all the members for their commitment and dedication.

This retrospective of the party is also the way, for us as mundo of expression, to say goodbye to all the students that graduated this year and to wish them success and happiness in their future career.

Finally, a special mention to the photographer, Florent Caillaud, who immortalized this fabulous party for us.

Les photos sont disponibles sur la page Facebook Mundo of Expression. N’hésitez pas à partager ! Pour ceux qui souhaite identifier le photographe c’est @flovizion sur Instagram


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