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Impeachment: Donald Trump's political Trial.

What is an Impeachment and why everybody is talking about it?

An Impeachment, or a procedure of Impeachment, is a political process. Any civil official (of the federal government) can be impeached. If the trial is won by the people who have proposed charges, the individual concerned is removed from office. It happens when a high crime or misdemeanour, when a treason or when a corruption is committed. The legislative power can judge and sentence the executive power during a political trial.

Currently, Donald Trump, president of the United States, is subject to an impeachmentMs. Nancy Pelosi, the president of the house of representative in the USA, triggered on 24th September 2019 and since, lead this political attack against Mr. Trump. In USA, there is two major political parties, the Democrats who defend a social and progressive politicy (Ms. Pelosi’s party) and the Conservatives who defend the Capitalism and reactionary politicy (Mr. Trump’s party). Given that the simple majority of the representatives are democrats, the number of votes to pronounce the impeachment is reached

However, this procedure is not pronounced only because democrats are enemies of conservatives. If the impeachment started, it is because President Trump has pressured the Ukrainian government to spy a presidential candidate and former vice president during the 2014 campaign. And this action is totally forbidden by the law and the US Constitution. That’s why there is a possibility for Trump to be fired

Nevertheless, the impeachment is very difficult to succeed. A president has never been removed or impeached in US history, because of the problem of final decision, the last step of impeachment. If the initiation of the process requires the simple majority of votes in House of representatives, the final decision requires 2/3 of votes of members of Senate, to be pronounced. 

Of course, there is more Democrat’s representative in the house of representative, but not in house of senate. Obviously, the house of Senate, with a majority of conservatives, will never vote against the leader Trump. That’s why it is extremely complicated for democrats to complete and finish the procedure. But it is not impossible. President Nixon, for instance, was forced to remove from office after the scandal of Watergate.

At one year of the presidential election, this process lead by the democrats is a real shock action, and the influence of social party, if they win this battle, will be extremely powerful.

Eliott Milcent-Patrie 1°5

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