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Is democracy falling in Hong Kong ?

Dernière mise à jour : 14 sept. 2019

Former British colony and semi-autonomous territory since 1997, Hong Kong is a region in the southern coast of China. It is the richest city in China and the third financial center of the world. Compared to China, Hong Kong is very opened to the world. Many human rights are respected there, as opposed to the mainland, and its government is still highly marked by English Democratic influences.

However, the government of Hong Kong recently expressed the wish to remove the law on presumption of innocence and planned on passing an amendment on extradition, the act of making someone return for trial to another country or state where they have been accused of committing something illegal. This law would allow the central authority of Beijing to capture opponents of the regime such as journalists, writers or human rights defenders.

This law represents a serious set back for freedom and, as a reaction, students have started aggressive protests : if the youth of Hong Kong were to lose this struggle, it would lead to the loss of their future. They haven’t got any time to lose as, according to an old deal signed between Hong Kong, China and England, the region will once again become a Chinese territory in 2047.

Blockages, fires, acts of disobedience and insurrection from citizens, marches and more ; the people of Hong Kong have to use different ways in order to engage dialogue with the authorities.

Even the leader of executive power, Carrie Lam, said in front of the media that the amendment was « dead » when it was actually only suspended.

That is why the youth follows the marches ; they demand more democracy in their country, the release of all prisoners arrested during demonstrations and the resignation of Carrie Lam.

The protesters have been using many techniques in order to avoid being arrested, such as the « hit and run » and « be water » strategies : they set up multiple barricades to block the police as they run away to a different area and, just like water, they never start a physical fight with the police.

Right now, anyone wearing black, any student and anyone wearing a mask in Hong Kong can suffer a 10 year imprisonment sentence.

Hong Kong, previously considered as a stable financial center, is currently being shaken by this movement.

So we may ask ourselves, is this definitely the end of democracy in Hong Kong ?

Eliott Milcent-Patrie 1°5

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