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Salem, the mystery

Salem is a city of the United States located on the north coast of Massachusetts. It became famous for the witch trial in 1692 which was based on witchcraft accusations. It all started among children. Two little girls started acting strangely, crawling under furniture, making weird noises and trying to fly with their arms open. This was even stranger because these two little girls had always been good girls and educated. Then a rumor was spread, apparently the little girls had been bewitched.

The case turned serious and 20 men and women were killed with the consent of Massachusetts authorities. The legend says that the accused were burnt alive but in reality they were killed by hanging and a man was crushed under big stones. Another 165 people, from more than 20 different villages, have been publicly accused of witchcraft. Some have used all of this for their own benefit by blaming innocent people with whom they were in conflict.

In 1693, the executions ended. A lot of people have tried to find scientific or psychological explanations. In 1970, a psychologist suggested that this could be caused by hallucinogenic mushrooms that had developed on bread.

But no explanation was proven.

During the trial a woman named Abigail said she saw a satanic sabbath celebration where 40 witches communicated by drinking blood. Most evidences of the trial were visual. Especially during the trial where apparently the villagers were able to see the witches in action, with convulsions, contortions and grimaces.

Two little girls aged 11 and 12 had shouted during the trial that they were going to fall and immediately 8 women fell on the ground. They were called "the littles clairvoyants".

After this story all the habitants of New England believed in the existence of witchcraft. Many believed that the witches of Salem were friends with Satan.

The mystery still lingers without explanation...


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