The rugby, a sport for everyone by Erina

Dernière mise à jour : 31 août 2019

Hello everyone !

Today I just want to talk about a flourishing passion I have: rugby. I can already guess remarks like “oh but you’re a girl” …yeah, and so what? Rugby Women don’t have to be accountable. This sport - like every sport I guess - is a mixed sport. And “mixed” means that boys AND girls can practice it. We’re all equal when sport is concerned. Because yeah, I like to flatten somebody on the ground or being flattened on the ground, I like to roll on the floor to keep the ball, I like to get dirty and be full of mud when I play in the rain. But I also like to see my team fight for the victory, I also like the genuine team spirit (“one team one blood” is the motto of the club I play in), I also like the huge feeling of release when I run with the ball… I love all that stuff that makes me feel really good (it’s why I can call it a passion), and what I also love is doing this with my best friend, because without him, it wouldn’t be the same. And at home, I can share this passion with my father, who’s also a rugby man, for my greatest pleasure; it’s thanks to him that, since I was a kid, I know the best sport in the world - maybe it could be exaggerated for someone but that’s what I think. So that’s it: thanks dad for showing me this sport and thanks tp William Webb Ellis for inventing rugby !

Finally, I would say just one thing: Do what YOU want. Are you a girl? Great ! Play football if you want, play basketball I you want, play rugby if you want, play baseball, tennis, boxing and ALL THE SPORT you want if YOU want ! Let’s abolish stereotypes ! Are you a man? Perfect! Dance, do gymnastics, swim, run, and you too, do what YOU want. Everyone has the right to do the sport that makes him feel good and even if you receive some critics, you just have to remember that: shame to haters !


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