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Haumava Matohi is a very good singer from Tahiti. He is taking part in the local contest "Nescafé Star".

To support him, vote "NES3" at 7500. 


Listen to his perfect cover of "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. 

"The beautiful reef spot" is a video realized by Florent Caillaud about someone who's surfing the beautiful waves of Tahiti.

@flovizion loves to create content on his Instagram page and YouTube account

"Holiday Mask" is a video made by Horizon Films. You can discover the different landscapes of French Polynesia through a GoPro and a drone. On land or under water, take it in full view.

Other videos are available on his channel : Horizon Films

Have a look at his Instagram page : @flovizion for many other beautiful photos


"Je t'aime" is a very beautiful and moving poem written by Giovanna Serra. With love, the world becomes a better one. And as Victor Hugo said : " Loving, is knowing how to say I love you without speaking".

Nuclear Paradise is undertaking an awareness campaign on the nuclear tests conducted in French Polynesia from 1966 to 1996. Here are two pretty punchy pictures.

If you are interested in this topic, the whole campaign is available on the Instagram page : @nuclear_paradise

Tahiti x Tetiaroa x New Zealand is a video made by Wiley Wan. This short-film enables you to travel from French Polynesia's islands to New Zealand. Amazing shots which will make you dream. 

For more videos, go on his YouTube Channel : Wiley Wan or visit his Instagram page : @wileywan


A drawing by Justine Vergier on the theme of the ocean.

Just listen to her voice and let yourself being transported into the imaginary world. Mareva, new voice to follow.

Other songs are available on Instagram : @marevareva_rey or another on YouTube : marevareva rey

"Life in the sea side" is a video realised by Nolan Bachir.

More of his videos are available on his instagram page : @nolan_bachir