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Cookie follie'z


As she prepared a batch of butter cookies, Ruth cut a chocolate bar in small pieces which she added to the dough, hoping they would met... Thus begins the story of cookies !

In the 1930s, Kenneth and Ruth Wakefield had bought a toll station in the style Cap Cod, located halfway between Boston and New Bedford, in the suburbs of Whitman, Massachusetts. The passengers paid the toll there, changed their car, and ate very good meals cooked on site.

The Wakefields decided to open an inn, simply calling it "Toll house lodge". While preserving tradition by creating delicious homemade meals, Ruth did the cooking for the guests who stayed overnight at the inn. As Ruth improved upon recipes based on traditional cuisine, her incredible desserts began to attract more and more people all over New England.

One day while she was preparing a batch of Drop D butter cookies, a recipe much appreciated during the Colonial period, Ruth cut a chocolate bar in small pieces which she added to the dough, hoping they would met. Instead, the

chocolate held its shape and transformed into a delicate creamy texture. This recipe quickly became popular at the inn.

Soon Ruth's recipe was published in a Boston newspaper, as well as other New England newspapers, and sales of Nestlé chocolate bars soared.

Ruth, finally, made contact with Nestlé and they made a deal that allowed Nestlé to print what would become the recipe for toll house cookies on the packaging of its chocolate bars.

The deal also stipulated that Nestlé would provide all the chocolate Ruth

needed to bake her cookies for the rest of her life.

As the popularity of tollbooth cookies grew, Nestlé looked for a way for people to bake cookies more easily. Soon they began to sell the pastry chocolate bars, and to wrap them together with a special utensil in order to easily cut them into small pieces.

Soon after, in 1939, they started selling small, ready- to-use chocolate chips and so the first Nestlé Toll House Real Semi-sweet chocolate chips appeared.

Just like family cookie stories who struggled and strived to make it in America and live their American dream, Toll House is a success story that caught our attention. Enjoy Ruth’s recipe.

Original recipe for Toll House cookies

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