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A Valentine's Day abroad....

We all know Valentine's Day with its tradition of chocolates and roses, but did you know that this trad

on changes when you leave Europe?

Indeed, Asia, and Japan in particular, has its own way of celebrating love. On February 14th, it's the ladies who give presents - yes, ladies! This may seem a strange tradition from a European point of view, but in Japan, women give chocolates not only to their partners but also to their friends and colleagues. There are two types of chocolates: "Honmei-choco" (true feeling chocolate), which is reserved for romantic partners or someone special, and "Giri-choco" (obligation chocolate), for friends and coworkers.

However, this exchange of gifts is not a one-way street. A month later, on March 14, Japan celebrates White Day, often seen as an extension of Valentine's Day. On this day, men respond to the gestures they received on Valentine's Day by offering gifts, usually white-themed, and sweets such as marshmallows or white chocolate, to the women who gave them chocolates. White Day is an opportunity for men to express their gratitude and affection, completing the circle of love initiated on Valentine's Day.

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