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The Grinch

« How the grinch stole Christmas » by docteur Seuss is an English children story in the form of a book illustrated in black and white. It features original characters: the whos, inhabitants of Whoville, the grinch and his dog max. The Grinch is an evil creature that hates Christmas and one day tries to steal by taking every gift, food or christmas decoration and throwing down a cliff. Of course the story has a good ending, with the Grinch realising that christmas is not defined by material possessions but rather by its spirit, of people being together. The Grinch’s heart grows to a normal size and he lives happily ever after with the whos.

The 2000 adaptation of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" stands out from the original version with its live-action brilliance. Jim Carrey's dynamic portrayal adds humor and depth to the Grinch character. The film's visual splendor, elaborate sets, and vibrant costumes create a captivating experience, offering a fresh and visually stunning take on Dr. Seuss's timeless tale.

The 2018 adaptation « The Grinch » is an animated film by Illumination and is very faithful to the story, often using direct lines of the book for the narration while adding unique elements such as the complex technology the Grinch uses and new characters. The visuals are colorful and the music is groovy, this paired with the original story retelling makes the Grinch a heartwarming family movie.

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