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Hi guys, actually K-pop is the contraction of "KOREAN POP". In fact, K-pop is not just about pop, it can be electro, hip-hop, R & B ... or a mix of all of it at once. It's a musical style invented in South Korea. K-pop is considered to have appeared in 1992 with the band Seo Taiji and boys. Seo Tai-ji and the other two members of the group have revolutionized South Korean music by mixing, for the first time, several musical styles, you can go see their songs on YouTube: the best known NAN ARAYO and I KNOW.

You can listen to k-pop on various social networking sites like YouTube, Sound Cloud and Sportify. Most of the fans are girls, they love their musical style. But there is also a male party presence, as fans. Thanks to the strong presence of fans, a commercial strategy is highlighted, like the fact that the fans of the K-pop, reproduce the choreography of their idols. But this influence would not be possible if the South Korean state was not involved in the achievements of multiple agencies. In fact, the South Korean state has funded producers, studio buildings to improve and increase its exchange with other countries on developing.

Whenever they are under such pressure, their fans cheer them up, because fans are a huge support for any artist. The fans have a lot of importance in the daily life of an artist, thanks to the comments during the direct events organized by the agency such as concerts, fan meetings ... Just to give them courage to continue!

This organization allows artists to avoid, in a way, having a surplus of work for a group and comments too offensive. Because many people say that K-pop is "too young, too superficial, too controlled, too much group, does not understand ..." but also that they are characterized as Chinese. On the other hand, the artists suffer much more than the criticisms like the pressures of the fans, pressures of the agencies sometimes, filled with the overworked time, rivalry between the members or another group, under estimation of the physics (hence the diet and the surgery)

Thus, thanks to agency creations, there are several other groups. Precisely, in the background, hides an entire organization. Those who are close, that is to say every day near the artists, are named "Managers" who deals with the timetable of the group, the organization of the group, but there is also the bodyguards who are at every moment closer to the artists, in view of the security. Other than the managers and bodyguard, there are also all who manage, the image and the communication of the group, like the house of the disc, which manages the castings, the production


We interviewed students of Lycée Paul Gauguin, in different classes of 1st, 2nd and Terminale, at random, and we understood that :

Since when do you know K-pop?

Most students, know the K-pop since 2013 or 2015, which is just felt. They knew K-pop from their relatives or friends.

Why do you like K-pop?

There are many reasons to love K-pop as students show us. They like, at the musical level, the rhythm, the words and as specified by a pupil «more particularly BTS, they have a soul which transmits an important message thanks to the different topics like love, friendship, self-esteem ... unlike American songs that talk a lot about sex, drugs, violence ... which gives a bad influence to people who listen to their songs. "

Apart from the musical side, students also appreciate the style of dress and choreography.

What does K-pop bring you?

K-pop brings a lot of things into a life, like new acquaintances, a lot more great and joyful moment, freedom through songs, traveled to a new country, dream, positive things that happen, from to be able to make sense of something, of what you like.

But for most of the fans of K-pop or more precisely the band BTS as we quote a student "with the album BTS: LOVE YOURSELF, it allowed me to overcome difficult moments of my life, and gave me more confidence in me! "

What is the top 5 group do you prefer?






What do you think of fan reactions?

A. Fans.

Overall all the answers about simple fans are positive. The students find that the fans are hysterical, that they exaggerate a little too much, that some do not respect the private life of the artists, the people who want to look like them and who listens too much their music ...

But other fans are also nice, nice, quiet ... that respects the taste of each.

B. Haters.

"They should stop criticizing, because it's like criticizing their musical style, and we all are not going to appreciate it. So it works both ways! When you love something, you love it all, you let people love what they want, it's a choice! Said two young seconds.

"I was not interested, to know their opinion! Why do they display their discontent? While they just do not listen, or not pay attention and then they never pay attention to fans, artists and everything else! "Says a student of first.

"I think they go too far in their words for whatever is not useful for them? Because they are mean to be mean! Declared by a former high school student.

C. Sasaengs.

To know that this term of qualification is especially for a group of fans who are able by any means to be closer to their idols as for example threatened the simple fans who have the same idols as, this group of fans does not never make a joke, she will even be able to commit suicide for their idols.

The students did not like the fact that we uttered this , they did not want to answer as it causied a negative image.

Because : "It does not reflect the good image of a simple international fan because we are considered crazy! "

Here is the video of a sasseang among fans following BTS apart :

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