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Song of the week : Russians - Sting

Dernière mise à jour : 2 oct. 2020

Born in 1951, Sting is a British singer and songwriter. He was firstly famous with the pop-rock band “ The Police ” from the 70’s in which one he was bassist and singer. Then, he started in 1985 a solo career and became successful again. His songs belong mainly to jazz or rock genre. Thus, his biggest success are “ Shape of my Heart ” or “ Englishman in New York ” but he also wrote committed songs like “ Russians ”, a song released during the Cold War and in which one he expressed his vision of the opposition between the USSR and the USA.

Sting wrote “ Russians ” during the Cold War. A tense time between the USA and the USSR in which nuclear weapons threatened to be used at any time. This politically committed song is a call for peace and hopefulness.

In his lyrics Sting rhetorically asks himself if the Soviets like their children as American do and if yes why would they continue the War. “I hope the Russians love their children too

We share the same biology, regardless of ideology.

But what might save us, me and you,

Is if the Russians love their children too”

It’s a really rare point of view during that time since the Soviets were mostly considered as cruel monsters by the Americans.

Sting wants peace for every child’ sake and his thoughts is well expressed in the song. After the release of Russians, things actually started to get better between the USA and the USSR. The lyrics became almost legendary in committed songs.

If you’ve loved this song, we recommend you the group “ The Alan Parsons Project ” which also plays the same genre of music.

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