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The Hamburger

Haven't you ever wanted to know what the origin of the hamburger was?

Today, you will finally know it.

It was invented in Germany, not in United States like most of the people think. It was actually an accident !

Most people like it because the mix of the flavours, meat, bread, sauce, salad, tomato, it is pretty good together !

The name comes from the city of Hamburg where the recipe was coined. Then German immigrants coming to the United States of America at the end of the 19th century most probably brought the recipe with them.

The hamburger conquered the world with just 2 slices of toaster bread, a steak, fresh onions, pickles, tomato and salad. In the 12th century the Tartar riders had the brilliant idea of placing raw meat under their saddles to tenderize it and make short to eat it. A century later, burger-style steak landed with German migrants on American soil. Thanks to the character Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits, the hamburger conquered the hearts of Americans. The chains follow one another (wimpy, Jack in the box, Burger king, McDonald's) and today produce hamburgers around the world.

Now you know it and you can tell everybody this story !

Chloé, Kalyani & Leimiti

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