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Reading online works-Webtoon

an article by Choupette


Reading online

You may be scared of spending money for a book, not knowing if it will be worth it.

Or maybe what you search for is just not out there.


if you are ready to sacrifice a little of quality and be submerged by the amount of possibilities there is,

You should try Webcomics.

Of course webcomics are just a category of every online work available on the internet, but there are also webnovels, scans and fan works called fanfictions.


Reknown platforms specialise in them such as Webtoon and Tapas, providing quality traductions in common languages and revenue for the original artists(unlike the manga scans you like to read you thieves).

They are moderated and follow guidelines that prohibits sexual, offensive and graphic content although some know how to bypass the rules…

Following are exemples of maybe not absolutely horrible but rather crude works filled with stereotypes and obscure messages, that mostly pray on a younger female audience starved for romance with no actual understanding of it. And this goes without mentionnig the hundreds of thousands of subpar, clichéd and repetitive isekai genre stories, but that's another rabbit hole, and my guilty pleasure

(of course preferences are subjective, but keep in mind that the majority of people on the internet have trash taste, so maybe don't stick to the popular have been warned...)

Everyone is free to upload their own work on Webtoon, but stories are separated into two groups.

There is the main page and the « canvas » page.

  • When you enter the site you find yourself on the main page, with every official comic sorted by popularity and day that they update on,

  • The canvas page hosts every other self published comics apart from the officials and allows them to gain recognition to be put on the main page.

There are however different types of update schechdules for every comic.

The canvas comics are free to update as they please, unlike the main comics that are separated into two to three groups:

  • the once or twice a week updates, the regular mode

  • and the daily passes, for completed or special stories that limit the access to one free episode per day

Moreover some stories, such as some special stories like 'Pigpen' are direct translations of works on Line, the original and official version of webtoon for South Korea.


You can find the original sources of your favorite dramas and animes!

  • The famous ‘Heartstopper’ is available as well as ‘Sweet home’, ‘Cheese in the trap’...

An adorable and heartwarming story no matter the media!

The drama started airing before the completion of the webtoon so reading it is a must if you want a true satisfying end!

Altough the comic version is nothing short of perfect the added visual and sound design makes the serie a worthwhile watch!

  • well as ‘Tower of God’ and ‘God of Highschool’ !

Well animated series with sadly a rather poor and disappointing storyline to follow due to the length and still ongoing status of the webtoons. Although a fair trade considering the webcomics are the opposite, with the early art rather "bad" but a wonderful story!


Anyone who knows about online reading has spent many hours

scrolling through hundreds of stories various in style, genre, characters and messages.

not everything can be of your taste but the heart poured in these amazing creations, along with the feeling of growing up with them and the author as the weeks go by, is honestly an extraordinary experience that no one deserves to pass by.

"Books are a uniquely portable magic"

By Stephen king


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