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Song of the week : Blowin’ in the Wind - Bob Dylan

Dernière mise à jour : 19 févr. 2021

Born in 1941, Bob Dylan is an American singer and songwriter considered as a leading figure of western popular music. Throughout his long career that began in the 60’s, he tried many genres of music, from rock and country to folk and blues, and has released about 30 albums. Worldwide known, many famous singers said they’ve been influenced by Dylan’s style such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Elvis Presley or Jimi Hendrix. His legendary songs such as Like a Rolling Stone, or Knockin on Heavens Door became classic but today, we chose Blowin’ in the Wind which is considered as a genuine pacific anthem.

Blowin’ in the Wind is a protest song written by Bob Dylan in 1962. It is actually a song that raises rhetorical questions about peace, war and freedom. Among those questions there are for instance : « how many years can some people exist Before they’re allowed to be free? » , « how many times must the cannonballs fly

Before they’re forever banned? ». The singer believes that the answers are there, however, no one dares to find them, according to him they’re literally blowin in the wind.

The themes this song deals with giving strong meaning to social movements and the Vietnam War that was going at that time especially when we know that Bob Dylan was really committed to the Civil Rights Movement.

So Blowin’ in the Wind is dealing with our willingness to confront and overcome the most urgent challenges facing humanity. Bob Dylan didn’t have the answer back in the 60’s and I believe that we haven’t found them yet 60 years later.

However those beautiful lyrics can be interpreted freely and that’s all the beauty and the poetry of this song.

If you loved this song, we recommend you the singer Neil Young who played the same genre of music

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