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Tahiti Pro- Teahupo’o

* Since august 18, 2019, there has been a surf competition in Teahupo'o.

This one consisted of 2 parts :

- august 18 : "the trials" composed of competitors wishing to win 1 of 2 tickets for the "Tahiti Pro". The trials were won by the young local surfer Kauli Vaast.

- from august 25th to the august 28th : the "Tahiti Pro" , 8th round of the world circuit. It composed of world competitors and the first two of "the trials".

* after these few days of competition, the winner of this 2019 edition is the Australian Owen Wright who with a final score of 17.07 dethrones the Brazilian Gabriel Medina who got him a score of 14.93.

" it's a remake of the 2018 edition with the same finalists : Owen Wright vs Gabriel Medina."

* indeed, in 2018, Medina won the competition against Wright. So the Australian takes his revenge and signs his first victory at Teahupo'o in this tense final.

* as for the 3 Tahitians present on the competition :

- Matahi Drollet is eliminated in round 2

- the two other local surfers Kauli Vaast and Michel Bourez didn't have access to the quarter-finals because they were eliminated in round 4.

Loïs Laumonnier

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