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A few ribbons of white in a brown immensity:

The 24th edition of the Winter Olympic Games began on February 4th. The Olympic venues are located in Yanqing and Zhangjiakou which are know for winter drought. So the ski events will take place on a 100% artificial snow. Not a single flake besides the ski slopes. On top of that the location of the Big Air competition raises a lot of questions. Why did they choose a disused steelworks ? Does the skier agreed with this place ?

This is a non-sensical for the environmental associations which blame China’s government for non-respect of the environment. China is already accused and boycotted by several countries (Canada, United-States and United Kingdom) for the Ouïghours genocide.

The Chinese government and the Olympic comity respond by saying that the games are going to be: “eco-friendly, unifying, open and clean”. They say they’ll re-use the ancients summer games sites of 2008 and all the sites will be provided by 100% with green energy.

But scientists have therefore concluded by saying: “The risk is clear: human-induced warming threatens the long term future of winter Olympic Games.

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