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Amazon, a modern slavery ?

Amazon is an american multinational specialised in e-commerce. It was created in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and is a member of G.A.F.A (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon). In 2018, it realised about 2,5 billions of profit and was able to sell 100 million products in 36 hours. But to reach these results, Amazon got many employees and their working condition aren’t always good...

Deplorable working conditions

Amazon impose to its employees a working rythm quasi-impossible. For instance, some salaried tell that they avoid the toilet break in order to get individual statistics more productive. It’s the same thing for the lunch where the employees just have 15 to 20 minutes to eat for in a day of more than 10 hours to work.« You don’t have the time to eat correctly and keep hydrated » says James Bloodworth, a former employee of Amazon.

A business became famous is happened in the centre of Dumferline in Scotland. Some salaried said that they were obligated to sleep in a tent next to the depot. Why?

Because they earn betwen 2,7£ and 5£ while the shuttle of the enteprise to come back cost 7,5£ a day, a price to expensive for them.

Unbelieveable statistics

According to The Verge,around of 300 employees have been fired for « inefficacity ».

Thus,it represents about 10% of it’s staff at year.Moreover, the quantity of work is often the cause of exhaustion or stress. A sounding shows that 44% of the people asked say to suffer with problems linked to them job. A study tells also that in a entrepot in England, 55% of the employees are suffering with a depression. It represents more of the half of the the salaried! « I have practically seen all of my co-workers cry at their office » says a middle-manager.

What about Amazon’s answer ?

Obviously, Jeff Bezos, the president of Amazon discredit all these accusations. In a tweet, he says that the articles doesn’t represent the enterprise that he know but he incite the employees who have the same stories to tell it him. Also, he propose to read the different point of view of another middle-manager: « During 18 months in Amazon, I didn’t work a week-end without want it. Nobody told me to work during the night. Nobody sent me e-mails during the night. Nobody sent me messages to ask me why I did not answer the e-mails » . This testimony answering to another testimony which described the pressure exerced on the middle-manager.

To conclude, we notice that the working conditions of the employees associated with their testimony show which is hidden behind the e-commerce and the enterprise like Amazon. Of course, it’s not the only one to disrespect their salaried so next time, be careful when you buy on Internet, and think about how your package arrive at your home.

Noé Racofier

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