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Honour these migrants and limit the risk of collision

Dernière mise à jour : 19 févr. 2021

Oceania is an association, its aim is to provide the future of the Cetaceansin French Polynesia by carryingout studies during the year. To continue, initiated by the association, the project "Vigie Sanctuaire" hasstarted.

This project consists on noting downthe sea route connecting Moorea and Tahiti on board a ferry (observation platforms) like Terevau and Aremiti 6. So its objective is to follow the Cetacean population, more preciselyhumpback whales, to avoid collisions as much as possible.

Effectively, like its compatriots (sperm whale and fin whale), the humpback whale is one of the most species concerned by the collision. The main causes of these shocks are:

-the rise of the height and the number of the boats

-the rise of the maritime traffic

To come to a successful conclusion, the boats have to follow a linear path and a color code is set up to do so. The NME (red and orange code) represent potential cases of collision frequently succeeded by avoidance manoeuvre. In 2019, 49 potential cases were detected.

The next step for Vigie Sanctuaire will be to "Set up a viewer on land who will take height to provide security problem passes and a census of whales passing through this area. But above all to ensure the safety of the shipsby informing the observers on board the boats and also the safety of the animals. "says Charlotte ESPOSITO (the head of Vigie Sanctuaire).

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Article écrit par BROSEUS Nanihi et RAMOS Merenui

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