Kendji Girac in Fenua

Yesterday, Friday October 25th, Kendji Girac and his band performed an authentic concert in Place Toata.

Kendji Girac is a 23-year-old French singer and guitarist. Completely unknown by people, he takes part in The Voice Season 3 (2014) and joins Mika’s team, which was by the way the only coach who turned around during the “Blinded auditions”. The young man, barely 17 at the moment, wins the contest with more than 51% of the votes, which is a record in the history of The Voice.

Thereafter, the artist released 3 albums, “Kendji”, “Ensemble” and “Amigo” and some singles such as “Les yeux de la mama” or “Me quemo”.

After the publication of his 3rd album “Amigo, Kendji starts a Tour, the “Amigo Tour”.

Following France, Switzerland, Belgium and Noumea, the singer lands in Tahiti on Friday October 18th. People reserved him a warm welcome, that he described as “ incredible” and “couldn’t be more beautiful”.

After a “relaxing” week, where Kendji had the opportunity to discover our fenua, he jumped on stage yesterday at 7.30pm along with his 5 musicians.

Kendji enjoying the Polynesian paradise

He met a loyal audience because Toata’s grandstands were full (more than 3500 children, teenagers and adults were there). The young singer performed an outstanding show, compounded of the famous “Color Gitano” (NRJ Music Awards 2014), “Tout oublier”, “Andalouse” as well as many other titles. Armed with his guitar, he’s been able to keep the audience explosive and make it dance during the whole night. There were also really emotional moments, like when the entire audience and Kendji sang all together "Les yeux de la mama", a song dedicated to all the mothers present.

Moreover, we can’t tell if it was planned for Kendji or not, but fireworks were thrown a few minutes before the singer’ arrival.

Kendji Girac flies back to France full of nice memories and a local tattoo as a souvenir. We hope he may come back on our island for his next tour...

You weren’t at the concert ? We prepared a best-of of his show for you !

Nina Smits

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