LOGO JO 2024

• On october 21st at grand rex at 8:24 pm for the symbolic of the year, the new logo of the Olympics Games 2024 was unveiled by tony estanguet. The new emblem was created by the Royalties-Ecobranding agency. The visual represents a golden medal, inside which a flame is guessed. A mix of two visual references: the face of Marianne, allegory of the French Republic, as well as the flame symbol of the Olympics. As a base-line, "Paris 2024" inscribed with a very Art-Deco font with reference to the JO-1924 where a logo was created for the first time for this event.

• Hardly unveiled, many aesthetic critics and a large number of diversions were made on social networks. Internet users see a similarity to the tinder logo (dating application), a political resemblance (emblem of the national front) and the general form rapel a hairdressing logo. A petition against the logo has even been launched for cause: the logo considered too hyper sexualized.

Here are some examples :

• One thing is sure the Paris 2024 logo with its eiffel tower forming the numbers 2 and 4 was widely preferred to that one.

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