My passion for Hip-Hop

My mother is a dancer. I was born in the spirit of dance. As soon as I

walked, I moved and danced on Eminem and Snoop Dogg. Quickly, I took classical dance

courses to become more graceful. However, my attention remained focused on hip-hop.

So I registered with my mother’s support to my first hip-hop contest. I had

never taken a single course of breakdance! The other children were dancing the

Harlem Shake, the Jerkin’ and so on. What about me? I walked up on stage,

petrified, and then let go on Dr Dre. I finished last and felt ridiculous.

My mom who had seen everything, helped me and just listened to me. Years

after years, I learned steps and movements to perfection. Choregraphy after

choregraphy, gesture after gesture and music after music I was progressing.

For the first time at ten years-old, I entered a breakdance competition. On

Eminem I danced my first choregraphy in public. Traumatized by my last

experience, I gave the best of myself and so I ended second.

That is when my mom was no longer satisfied, she spent more time on me,

we worked harder and more often. I had to be better. Finishing first was no longer

an option. Moorea Championship, Polynesia Championship, and Paris

Championship, all were easy to win.

However, growing up and with time, I did not want to think about winning

all the time. I discovered a new passion for paddling and left hip-hop aside.

Now, I paddle on Saturdays and dance four hours on Sunday. I don’t do any

competitions anymore and only dance for pleasure.

Tehani, 10th grader

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